We are a consulting and services company focused on data science and associated software engineering.

Why QuaintScience?

Strong team

50+ years of cumulative experience in the founding team.

14+ publications related to machine learning, signal processing, social computing, and natural language processing.

Experience working in leading labs and startups including Microsoft Research, the Idiap Research Institute, Veveo, Near.co, Salorix, and Exigent.

Proven commitment

We've worked succssfully with leading brands from across the globe, in the US, Australia, Singapore, and India.

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Real-time analytics and measurement platform.

BEAT enables you to track real-time streams, transform them using various tools, reason with them using machine learning and expert based systems, and finally visualize them in a clean dashboard.

The current release also includes a stock dashboard for tracking various topics on Twitter.

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Build CRUD WebApps with ease.

Boilerplate application that can be extended to build various CRUD based applications with ease. Released under Apache v2 License.


Simple proxy with QuaintEgg

A simple proxy to assist/decouple UI development based on QuaintEgg. Released under Apache v2 License.


A blood donor database implemented with QuaintEgg

A simple application based on QuaintEgg that helps manage a blood donor's database. This could form the basis for quick implementation of simple CRUD based WebApps.


Consulting and Services

We can help solve problems in data science, software engineering, and designing products that use data intelligently.

Technology Vertical

Data Science

  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Expert-based Systems
Technology Vertical

Workflow Management

  • Workflow Management
  • Data collection & ingestion
  • Dashboarding
Business Vertical

Computational Advertising

  • Social Media
  • Mobile
Business Vertical

Search & Content

  • Entertainment
  • ITES
Business Vertical

Human Resource Management

  • Automated hiring decision support
Business Vertical

Academic Research

  • Speech & language technology
  • Social computing
  • Signal processing

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For queries other than support and purchasing/availing our offerings, email is the preferred mode of communication.

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